Terms and Conditions

Contract - By signing the Rental Contract, the customer/user undertakes to comply with all the provisions contained in the included documents, such as the Terms and Conditions, the Handover - Pick-up Sheet and all the specifications in the Appendices to the Contract.

Car / Vehicle - offered for rent includes all its accessories and can be rented at a list rate for a rental day, which may vary depending on the type of car rented.

Fuel - The fuel required for the car can consist of petrol or diesel, and its condition upon delivery and collection will be recorded in the Delivery - Collection Sheet.

Customer / User - it means both the legal person and the natural person designated to drive the vehicle and registered in this contract.

SCDW / SCDW + - To reduce liability in case of damage or theft, a fee called SCDW / SCDW + is charged, these fees have immediate effect and are applied as explained in detail in Chapter 6 and 7 of the Rental Agreement.

By concluding this Rental Agreement, the Customer confirms that he has read and understood all the conditions and provisions mentioned, and the rental of the vehicle will be carried out in accordance with them.

Autoconnect's responsibilities and obligations

Autoconnect is a car rental company that assumes certain responsibilities and obligations towards its customers. First of all, the company has the obligation to transfer the right to use the vehicle by delivering it, completing and signing the delivery-receipt form (Annex 2 to the car rental contract), handing over the keys and the original documents of the car.

Besides this, Autoconnect has the obligation to provide roadside assistance on the territory of Romania 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of an accident or until the mechanics of the vehicle. However, the company does not assume responsibility for fixing a flat tire.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, Autoconnect has the obligation to replace the vehicle (within availability), if the damage is not the customer's fault, within 24 hours, depending on the location where the defect was found. If the damage is the customer's fault, a new warranty will be blocked for the delivery of a new vehicle.

If Autoconnect cannot replace the vehicle, the customer will be refunded the part of the rental cost calculated proportionally to the time the vehicle could not be used. The company does not assume responsibility for the losses incurred by the customer in case of breakdown or breakdown of the vehicle, with the exception of the expenses authorized by Autoconnect for repairs.

From the delivery of the vehicle until it is returned to its possession, Autoconnect is exempted from liability for traffic damage caused by the vehicle rented by the customer, as well as road or bridge tolls or fines resulting from improperly occupying a parking space, non-compliance with road legislation or Romanian laws.

Finally, by issuing the receipts for completing and canceling the pre-authorization deposits, Autoconnect relieves itself of the unavailability of the amounts on the client's account and recommends contacting and presenting the receipts to the bank from which the client holds the card.

Customer Obligations

Autoconnect, a car rental company, has a number of mandatory requirements for its customers. Although they may seem too many, these requirements are aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of both the customers and the rented cars.

If a reservation is made by phone, e-mail or through the web page, it can be canceled by autoconnect at no cost to the client or intermediary, if the client does not meet the minimum requirements stipulated in the contract and published on the website.

  • The obligation to be the holder of a valid national (issued by the Romanian authorities) and/or international driver's license. When signing the contract, the original driver's license, an identity document and a credit card must be presented to block the deposit. Customers can only use debit cards and/or credit cards, fintech cards are only accepted for paying for services, but not for blocking the guarantee.
  • For young drivers with limited experience of 1-3 years and for senior drivers over 70 years of age, there is an additional fee of €15/day and a higher guarantee to compensate for the higher risks associated with these drivers, the guarantee has values included between 1000-3000 €. Autoconnect reserves the right to choose the classes of rented cars and can cancel confirmed reservations if customers delay picking up the car by more than 3 hours compared to the scheduled time.
  • Under the penalty of paying damages, the vehicle will not be used and driven in the following situations:
    •  in contravention of the legislation in force and any other traffic rules;
    • for the transport of people or goods for the purpose of obtaining income;
    • for pushing or towing other vehicles, trailers or other objects;
    • while the Customer or the person behind the wheel is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or other substances that endanger the mental and physical abilities to react;
    • in car contests, races or car tests;
    • on non-public roads or unmarked on the official map of Romania;
    • by an unauthorized person (any other person not mentioned in this rental contract);
    • for the purpose of transporting dangerous substances or illegal activities, which can damage the condition of cars;

Otherwise , autoconnect will collect the repair value (regardless of the type of warranty chosen by the customer - including the SCDW/SCDW+ tax) from the warranty and after issuing the repair estimate, the customer will receive an invoice for the difference between the estimate value and the blocked amount, which must be paid within a maximum of 10 days from receipt of the invoice. If the invoice is not paid on time, penalties of 1% per day will be charged for the days of delay.

The customer undertakes to respect the ban on making and allowing technical or aesthetic interventions on the vehicle without the written consent of autoconnect, and to allow the inspection of the vehicle within a maximum of 24 hours from the time the user is notified.

Compliance with these requirements is crucial to avoid additional costs and any other inconveniences. In general, Autoconnect strives to provide excellent car rental services and ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

  • Additional drivers must pay a fee of €15/user and accept Autoconnect's rental conditions by registering them in the contract.
  • Pets can only be transported in special closed boxes.
  • For non-compliance with the provisions regarding the client's obligations, the guarantee deposit is collected in full and the client is responsible for all the costs of repairs and immobilization of the car. In addition, the customers have the obligation to keep the cars in proper condition for use and to hand over the car in the same condition as on the date of receipt.
  • The customer undertakes to keep the vehicle locked while not using it and to keep its documents. In the event that the Customer loses the vehicle's documents or its keys, the Lessor is entitled to charge an additional fee of € 100 including VAT .
  • In the event of damage caused to the rented vehicle (including damage caused by hitting animals or damage with an unknown author) , in the event that the RCA insurer or the CASCO insurer refuses to pay the cost of the repairs necessary to restore the vehicle to its original condition or, in case of total damage, the amounts necessary to replace this vehicle with another similar in terms of brand, type, year of manufacture, equipment and market value, invoking a legal reason or a legal reason for exclusion, the Customer undertakes to pay Autoconnect all these amounts within 10 days from the date of communication of the insurer's unfavorable refusal, to which are also added the costs generated by the lack of use of the car.

The rental contract and its performance

The car rental contract is an important one for both parties involved.

The delivery and return of the vehicle will be made according to the dates and place established by the customer and Autoconnect in the reservation and contract form (with all its annexes). If the delivery and pick-up of the car is done outside normal working hours, an additional fee of €15 pick-up/drop-off will be charged. Also, the customer will have to pay an additional fee of €50 for each element (wheels/tyres in number of 4 are considered 1 element in the calculation of labor and individual elements in the case of their repair or replacement) and the costs for the repair or replacement of the elements damaged or destroyed, such as rims, tires or the lower part of the car (shield, oil pan, exhaust, drum, etc.)

If the customer requests the return of the vehicle in a different place than the one where it was initially delivered on the territory of Romania, they must obtain Autoconnect's agreement and an additional displacement fee will be charged with values between €30 and €250 depending on the distance in Km from the initial place of delivery. If the customer leaves the car in another location without announcing this, an additional fee of €250 plus relocation costs will be charged.

If the vehicle is returned after the time limit according to the contract, the customer will be charged an additional late fee of €10/hour. If the customer delays handing over the car without obtaining the Autoconnect agreement, the latter can take measures to recover the car, the costs of recovery being borne exclusively by the customer.

When you rent a car from Autoconnect, you must be aware of certain conditions and obligations.

If you return the car outside working hours or in weather conditions that prevent its verification, the unlocking of the guarantees is extended by 24 hours from the actual return of the car. Also, if you return the car dirty, it must be washed before the inspection can be done, and your responsibility for any damages will be extended.

If you abandon the car, if the key is not handed over and the handover-acceptance report is not signed bilaterally (Annex 2), you will be responsible for all the costs related to relocating the car to the town where it was rented and other costs related to returning the car to its condition initial, The same conditions also apply if you refuse to hand over the car.

The return of the car is considered effective only after the delivery-receipt form has been signed by both partners.

At the end of the contractual period (the date on which the customer has the obligation to return the vehicle - the date specified in the rental contract at point 3.2 and in Annex 2 (handover receipt form) - the customer has the obligation to return the vehicle in the same condition in which it was received at beginning of the rental period, including with the same amount of fuel Otherwise, if the vehicle is not returned with the same amount of fuel, the customer agrees to pay a refueling fee of €20 and the value of the missing fuel as stated on the tax invoice.

At the time of delivery of the vehicle, a check will be made of the state of cleanliness both inside and outside, following which Annex 2 (handover-receipt report) will be signed, which will contain this information. If the vehicle is returned in a condition that requires more than the standard washing procedure, the Customer will pay an administration fee of €50, to which will be added the value of the car wash services according to the invoice that will be sent by email to the Client.

If the vehicle will be picked up or handed over in a location different from that proposed by autoconnect, all parking fees as well as parking for the entire period of use of the rented car will be borne by the Customer, together with the costs provided by the legislation in force, as such as road tolls, bridge tolls, parking fees at airports or in special spaces with limited duration, as well as fines resulting from non-compliance with traffic rules. If these costs are not paid by the Customer, the autoconnect company will pay the fines resulting from my failure to fulfill my obligations, and the invoice will contain the actual amount of the fine plus an administration fee of €50/fine.

If the vehicle is fueled with a different fuel than the one indicated by the manufacturer, both in the receipt and in the delivery-receipt form, the Customer will pay a service fee of €50, the cost of transport with the platform, the cost of the immobilization days in service, the cost of repair according to the repair estimate, as well as the corresponding refueling (including for customers who have opted for SCDW/SCDW+).

Traveling abroad can be a wonderful experience and renting a car can be a great idea to explore new destinations. However, there are some conditions and rules that you need to follow to make sure that you enjoy your trip and that you don't run into any problems.

If you decide to rent a car through Autoconnect, you must take into account some special conditions. First of all, for rentals outside Romania's borders, you must obtain Autoconnect's written consent. You also need to be aware of the 400 km/day limit, both domestically and abroad. If you exceed this limit, a fee of € 0.09 /km will be charged . A fee of €50 will be charged to obtain the necessary documents for border crossing.

If you want to leave the country, you must pay a security deposit between €1200 and €3000, which cannot be reduced by paying SCDW/ SCDW+. It is important to note that cross-border travel is only permitted within the European Union and the European Economic Area. If you breach this obligation and damage or theft occurs , you will be responsible for the full value of the car. In case of a breakdown or a road accident outside the borders, you have the obligation, according to the contract signed when handing over the car, to return it within the borders of Romania and bear the related costs in full.

Autoconnect offers you the possibility to rent some accessories with the car, such as GPS, child seat, snow chains or Wi-Fi router.

It is important to be careful with the rented goods, because in case of loss or damage of the keys, original documents or car accessories, you will be obliged to pay the value of the respective objects at the price of the purchase invoice of each accessory or at the amount of the fine that you have to pay pay, plus an administration fee of €50. Autoconnect is not responsible for items left in the car that were not identified when it was handed over.

Also, smoking in the rented cars is strictly prohibited, and in case of non-compliance with this rule, a fee of €50 will be charged, to which will be added the value of the car wash services.

Warranty For Damages


It is important to consider having a warranty for damages. This guarantee can vary between €600 and €3000, depending on the class of the vehicle specified in the Contract signed by the parties.

The mandatory guarantee must be deposited in full upon signing the Contract, and will be blocked by Autoconnect on a credit card. This is a safety measure to ensure that if the vehicle is damaged during the rental period, the costs of repairs will be covered.

It is important to note that the guarantee will be returned to the Customer only when the vehicle is returned in good condition. If the vehicle suffers damage during the rental period, the amount necessary to cover the costs of repairs will also be deducted from the deposited guarantee.

It is therefore important that you comply with the rental conditions and pay attention to the vehicle during the rental period to avoid any damage and to ensure that you receive the full amount of the deposit back at the end of the rental period.

When you rent a car, one of the most important aspects you have to consider is the RCA insurance, all vehicles in the autoconnect fleet have the RCA policy . This type of insurance is mandatory to cover material damage or bodily injury suffered by third parties following a car accident caused by the insured driver.

In addition to the RCA insurance, you also have the option to choose one of the available warranties and fees for damage reduction, you can opt for Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) or Super Cover Plus (SCDW +).

  1. Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) is a €5/day fee that reduces the warranty. The guarantee can be found in the Rental Agreement at point 4.7. If the Customer chooses the Super Collision Damage Waiver option, the value of the guarantee is €300. By paying this tax, the Client's responsibility in case of damage and/or theft for the rented car is reduced to the value of the specified guarantee - €300 . Exceptions are mentioned in the Warranty Exclusions chapter
  2. Super Cover Plus (SCDW+) is a fee of €10/day , higher than SCDW and which eliminates the Client's responsibility in case of accident and/or theft. Exceptions are mentioned in the Warranty Exclusions chapter

Any new damage (occurring during the rental of the vehicle including minor damage, such as scratches) will be invoiced from the Warranty (deductible) for damages, according to point 4.7 of the Rental Agreement. The Customer is also billed for any new damage occurring during the rental of the vehicle in the event that damage and/or theft of the rented vehicle is detected by the authorized Police bodies as being the Customer's fault or with an unknown author. This also includes the situation in which the vehicle is found hit or vandalized in the parking lot. This also applies to any other exclusion from insurance policies.

It is important to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Warranty Exclusions

Regardless of the fee paid to reduce the damage guarantee, there are some exclusions from this guarantee. In such situations, the Customer will be responsible and will have to bear the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged items.

Among these situations are non-compliance with the obligations provided for in the Client Obligations Chapter of the Terms and Conditions as well as Chapter 7 of the Rental Agreement:

Lack of fuel (representing the €20 fuel charge and the related tax receipt), loss or damage to the car documents and keys (representing the €50 administration fee and the related tax receipt for their replacement) or accessories, damage to the passenger compartment (through excessive dirt, staining of the seats or damage to them), damage to the lower part of the vehicle (representing the elements under the car, such as the shield, drum or oil sump), wrong fueling of the vehicle, damage to the rims or tires and partial or total damage caused by smoking inside the car or near flammable environments.

These exclusions are important because they represent situations where the Customer may be responsible for damage to the vehicle outside of normal wear and tear.

Payment for Services

At the time of signing the car rental contract, the customer is obliged to pay the full cost of the rental and the requested options, as well as the fee for reducing the warranty, if he chose this option, and any other additional fees mentioned in the minutes. Invoicing is done in the national currency, i.e. RON, using the BNR selling rate from the day the Contract is signed.

Payment can be made with a credit or debit card issued by Visa, MasterCard or American Express, in cash or through fintech applications. Fintech cards cannot be used to block the guarantee.

Rental rates do not include fuel costs, road taxes (with the exception of the vignette for Romania, which is included in the rental rate), fines for violating traffic rules and national legislation, or other costs determined by the actions of local authorities regarding the vehicle rented. The customer is responsible for paying these amounts in full.

Upon handing over the rented vehicle, the Customer must fully pay any outstanding financial obligations, based on a payment document issued by the autoconnect company. At the end of the rental period, the Client undertakes to pay (within a maximum of 10 days) any additional fee incurred during the contract period as well as other subsequent costs, such as fines, taxes or vehicle repair costs due to damage caused during the contract period according to chapter Customer Obligations.

If the Client does not pay the financial obligations established in the Contract in full on time, the autoconnect company has the right to charge penalties in the amount of 1% of the amount due for each day of delay.

In the event that the customer returns the vehicle before the deadline, autoconnect will refund the value of the services paid in advance, recalculated according to the price change per day. The refund will be made by giving a voucher valid for 12 months.

At the end of the contractual period, autoconnect returns the guarantee provided for in Article 4.7 of the Rental Contract within a maximum of 30 days from the signing of Annex 2 (handover-receipt form) by autoconnect and the customer. If the return of the guarantee is delayed due to external factors, such as delays by banking institutions, strike or blocking of the customer's accounts, autoconnect cannot be held responsible.

Procedure in case of damage:

It is the customer's responsibility to inform Autoconnect immediately if the rental vehicle suffers any new damage. If the damage was caused by an unknown third party, the customer must obtain a Repair Authorization from the Police before returning the car.

If the accident was caused by the customer and two cars are involved, the customer must complete the amicable finding form if both drivers admit fault. If the two drivers do not get along, a Verbal Process and Repair Authorization obtained from the Police Authorities is required.

If the accident was not caused by the customer and two cars are involved, the customer must complete the amicable finding form if both drivers admit fault and provide copies of the driver's RCA, Registration Certificate, Identity Card and Driving License guilty. If the two drivers do not agree, it is necessary to provide the RCA copy of the guilty driver, a Verbal Process and the Repair Authorization obtained from the Police Authorities.

If more than two cars are involved in the accident or if there are personal injuries, the customer must immediately contact the Police Authorities to obtain the Verbal Process and Repair Authorization. In the event of an accident in which an animal was hit , the customer must immediately notify the Police.

In any situation described previously, the customer must carefully check both the Amicable Finding, as well as the Repair Authorization and the Verbal Process issued by the competent authorities, to ensure that they are filled in correctly.

If the customer does not follow the procedure in case of damage, he will be responsible for the costs of the entire repair, including immobilization costs and costs caused by the impossibility of using the vehicle.

Any new damage that occurs during the rental of the vehicle will be invoiced, including minor damage such as scratches.

If the guarantee for damages has been blocked from the credit card, this amount will be withheld until an authorized service issues a repair estimate. If the value of the quote exceeds the blocked amount, the customer will not receive any refund. If the value of the estimate is lower than the blocked amount, the difference will be returned to the customer. After issuing the repair quote, the customer will receive an invoice for the difference between the value of the quote and the blocked amount, which must be paid within a maximum of 10 days from receipt of the invoice. If the invoice is not paid on time, penalties of 1% per day will be charged for the days of delay.

Contract: Extension, Termination and Termination

Autoconnect and the Client must agree on the terms of extension, termination or early termination of the Contract. If the Customer wishes to extend the Contract, he must inform Autoconnect at least 24 hours before the Contract expires. The extension fee must be paid under the same conditions as the initial fee and within a maximum of 24 hours from the start of the extension period. The contract can be extended only with the written agreement of both parties.

The contract ends at the end of the rental period. The contract can be terminated before the term only by the agreement of the parties or as an effect of the termination. If the Contract is terminated, Autoconnect must inform the Customer by phone or email. The customer must return the vehicle within 12 hours of termination or early termination of the Contract. This obligation applies in both situations.

Final Provisions

If the Client does not respect the deadlines for the obligations assumed in the Contract, it is considered and rightfully in delay .

  • Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Contract must be resolved amicably, and in case of failure, the parties will address the competent courts in Cluj-Napoca and the Contract plus its annexes constitute evidence for any dispute that may arise.